Harvey Mandel

Harvey’s Parker Guitar

Legendary guitar virtuoso Harvey Mandel, aka “The Snake,” truly one of the most distinctive and innovative musicians, continues to perform throughout the world, captivating audiences with his inventive style of electric guitar playing.

When playing live, Harvey employs modern stompboxes and a VG-99 to reproduce effects he created decades ago in the studio. His Parker Fly Mojo sports an aptly psychedelic finish—flames and a snakeskin-patterned lower bout.

Unfortunately, Harvey hasn’t been out to play, he’s fighting for his life again, the cancer has come back. And he’s racking up huge medical debt and needs our help to raise money to pay for a series of surgeries. We’ve set up a Help Harvey Beat Cancer GoFundMe page and invite you to come, check on his condition, and of course, contribute whatever you can. It’ll mean the world to Harvey.


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