UPDATE: October 6

Harvey’s visit to the “finger” doctor was troubling.

He can slightly move his finger up and down, but can’t bend it at all. He’s now in a new splint that lets him move his other fingers, but not the pinky. Harvey says his doctor is the top hand orthopedist specialist at UCSF and he’s back in to see him again in another week. Harvey wants the bones to mend so he can play at the November 21st gig in L.A. with Barry Goldberg. On leaving, Harvey told the doc to just let him “play some music, get patted on the back and make some dough.”

Harvey and Barry are in “Born In Chicago – The Film” directed by Bob Sarles, and John Anderson. There is a screening of the film November 21st in LA’s Film Fest. Harvey, Barry, Timm Martin and John Anderson will answer questions about the film and how it chronicles the birth of electric Blues in Chicago.

More news. Harvey’s 3 bones he broke in his foot have been healing just fine. He is out of the huge foot boot, and getting around better. Now that Harvey’s foot has healed, he needs to loosen up stiff muscles and ligaments. He will start seeing a physical therapist improve his flexibility and strength. Tuesday, he got his Covid Shot. And his eye surgery is scheduled for week after next.

Harvey’s family, friends and fans have raised about half of what he needs to help with his battle. While that’s good, it also means he still has way more to raise. So, he really needs your help. Please visit Harvey’s go fund me page and contribute whatever you can. It will mean the future for Harvey:

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