UPDATE: October 6

Harvey’s visit to the “finger” doctor was troubling. He can slightly move his finger up and down, but can’t bend it at all. He’s now in a new splint that lets him move his other fingers, but not the pinky. Harvey says his doctor is the top hand orthopedist specialist at UCSF and he’s back […]

Harvey Mandel at Woodstock

Harvey Mandel’s participation at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair was accidental.  Playing at the Fillmore West, Canned Heat’s guitarist Henry Vestine suddenly left the group. Canned Heat asked Mandel to sit in for one half and Mike Bloomfield the other half (not bad replacements!). Afterwards, the Heat offered Mandel the guitar spot. He accepted and […]

I heard it through the…

“I heard the guitar the way you hear it today. I knew where guitar was going twenty years before it got there.” This quote comes from Gary James of ClassicBnds.com when he interviewed Harvey Mandel. “I just knew in my head that guitar players were trying back then to play more like horns or like […]

Harvey’s Parker Guitar

Legendary guitar virtuoso Harvey Mandel, aka “The Snake,” truly one of the most distinctive and innovative musicians, continues to perform throughout the world, captivating audiences with his inventive style of electric guitar playing. When playing live, Harvey employs modern stompboxes and a VG-99 to reproduce effects he created decades ago in the studio. His Parker […]

UPDATE: September 20

Good report from the hand specialist Harvey is happy about his Monday appointment with the hand specialist doctor. After new x-rays and an exam, the doctor said that the bones in his pinky finger were healing, and was optimistic after Harvey was able to slightly move his finger. He said that Harvey might be able […]

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