Harvey Mandel

UPDATE: September 20

Good report from the hand specialist

Harvey is happy about his Monday appointment with the hand specialist doctor. After new x-rays and an exam, the doctor said that the bones in his pinky finger were healing, and was optimistic after Harvey was able to slightly move his finger. He said that Harvey might be able to start playing guitar in about 2 weeks – which was music to Harvey’s ears! An upbeat Harvey said he probably will be able to play at the “Born in Chicago” movie screening and concert with his Chicago Blues Reunion bandmates.

Overall, Harvey is getting better. He reports that his foot is feeling better, and he’s able to hobble around with the boot on his foot and a cane. With a bit of a chuckle, Harvey said: “I’ve been playing guitar for 65 years and this won’t stop me!”

Over these last few weeks Harvey and I have been talking about his career playing guitar. I’ve heard several great stories of who he played with, where he’s toured, and about the records he’s made. We talked yesterday and, after hearing more stories, I asked him if he’s thought about writing a book, and he said he’s been thinking about it and how the book will be organized and what he should write. So, I asked him to tell me a story about recording some of his first songs and the records he’s made. I asked him about a video I had just seen of him, John Mayall, Eric Clapton & Mick Taylor called ‘Force of Nature.’

We’ll post about the ‘Force of Nature’ video in out next update coming soon…

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