Harvey Mandel's Cancewr is back

UPDATE: July 11

Harvey’s cancer is back!

Mandel encountered a series of health problems beginning in 2011, when he noticed unusual swelling following a broken nose. Initially believing that the swelling was a consequence of the break, and distracted by personal issues, he put off an in-depth exam until mid-2013, when doctors discovered he was dealing with cancer inside his nose. A series of more than 33 surgeries followed.

Declared cancer-free in 2014, he resumed recording under his own name in earnest, issuing the hybrid jazz-rock, acclaimed “Snake Pit” in 2016. 

The type of cancer he has requires very specialized surgery by a top doctor in Chicago who does not accept health insurance. Harvey has had to pawn his guitars and sell his publishing to stay afloat. He lost his only son, his sister, and his mother in recent years. And Harvey faces several more surgeries.

The cancer he had in 2013 was arrested and was in remission. Until last year, when the cancer came back with a vengeance. All the reconstruction work Harvey has endured had to be removed. Left without a nose, Harry is very susceptible to infection, which is the new battle he faces. In fact, last month a new cranial cavity infection put Harvey back in the hospital. After a week in the ICU, Harvey returned home and now is faced with very specialized surgery by very expensive doctors that Harvey just can’t afford. And, Harvey also faces dental issues since the radiation used to control his cancer ruined his teeth. He needs several surgeries and implants. Harvey just can’t get a break.


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