Mandel and Mayall

With Canned Heat bassist Larry Taylor, Harvey Mandel joined John Mayall’s band for the next two years.[2] He is heard playing on the two albums from that period ‘USA Union’ and ‘Back to the Roots.’ Mayall described his technique as Harvey’s wall of sound, which aptly encompasses his early mastery of controlled feedback through his […]

UPDATE: August 11

Harvey has been feeling a little better these last few days. First off, his latest MRI shows no new cancer seen, which is totally great news. And he’s no longer taking antibiotics, ending a seven-and-a-half-week ordeal with as he calls it “weird infection.” Harvey has a new dental surgery scheduled (ouch!) and is meeting with […]

UPDATE: July 28

Harvey’s MRI on Tuesday showed improvements The cancer is under control, and the infection that nearly killed him, is gone. So today his PICC will be removed from his chest and he can now start nasal reconstruction. Nasal reconstruction is a very complex surgery performed by an otolaryngologist in conjunction with a plastic surgeon. Recovery […]

Harvey “The Snake” Mandel – A Musician’s Musician

Harvey “The Snake” Mandel’s ground-breaking and masterful electric guitar work has influenced countless artists. He’s recorded with the Rolling Stones, toured with John Mayall, and played with Canned Heat at Woodstock. The term “musician’s musician” is all too frequently applied merely to artists lacking in popular notoriety rather than being reserved for those who truly […]

Psychedelic Blues guitarist

Harvey Mandel is among the most innovative guitarists to emerge from the Chicago blues scene of the late 1960s. His career began at Twist City and other local hotspots, sharing stages with Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Buddy Guy. He came up in that scene alongside Charlie Musselwhite, Mike Bloomfield, Barry Goldberg, and Steve Miller. […]

UPDATE: July 11

Harvey’s cancer is back! Mandel encountered a series of health problems beginning in 2011, when he noticed unusual swelling following a broken nose. Initially believing that the swelling was a consequence of the break, and distracted by personal issues, he put off an in-depth exam until mid-2013, when doctors discovered he was dealing with cancer […]

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