Harvey Mandel

Harvey “The Snake” Mandel – A Musician’s Musician

Harvey “The Snake” Mandel’s ground-breaking and masterful electric guitar work has influenced countless artists. He’s recorded with the Rolling Stones, toured with John Mayall, and played with Canned Heat at Woodstock.

The term “musician’s musician” is all too frequently applied merely to artists lacking in popular notoriety rather than being reserved for those who truly earn the title – those few who eschew popularity and marketable pigeonholing to follow the dictates of genuine genius, ability, and technique. Harvey Mandel has indeed earned the title. As solo artist and member of various groups over the past five plus decades, he has proved his mettle as one of the finest guitar players and musical innovators in modern history.

But now, Harvey is battling for his life again. The cancer he had in 2013 was arrested and in remission. Until last year, when the cancer came back with a vengeance. Facing several more grueling surgeries, Harvey needs your help to afford the required surgeries and rehab. Please visit Harvey’s go fund me page and contribute whatever you can. It will mean the future for Harvey:


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