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Harvey on his music

There is a distinct difference between being a good musician and playing a good song… It takes years to get to the point where there is nothing physical left to learn, where everything is purely in the mind. There’s always the physical part. Usually that’s the technique and that’s the fine point between a lot of us. I think what helps me is that I have an original style. I don’t try to copy the general trend… I don’t consider myself a blues guitar player or this or that. I’m a guitar player. In other words, I don’t just play guitar, I play music, which means I try to play everything”. – Harvey Mandel

Harvey is battling for his life, again! The cancer he had in 2013 was arrested and in remission. Until last year, when the cancer came back with a vengeance. Facing several more grueling surgeries, Harvey needs your help to afford the required surgeries and rehab. Please visit Harvey’s go fund me page and contribute whatever you can. It will mean the future for Harvey:

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