Harvey "The Snake" Mandel

He was a member of Canned Heat. He played with John Mayall, Charlie Musselwhite, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones (he almost became a Rolling Stone). He is Harvey "The Snake" Mandel. His career has spanned over 50 years, bridging the gap between the blues, jazz and rock with his two-handed fretboard tapping and his creative use of sustain and controlled feedback.

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There is a distinct difference between being a good musician and playing a good song… It takes years to get to the point where there is nothing physical left to learn, where everything is purely in the mind.Genious

Harvey Mandel

Legendary guitar virtuoso Harvey Mandel, aka “The Snake,” truly one of the most distinctive and innovative musicians, continues to perform throughout the world, captivating audiences with his inventive style of electric guitar playing.

A pioneer of modern electric blues from Chicago, Harvey Mandel developed and mastered sustained and controlled feedback, displaying both extroversion and musical virtuosity. He has performed with many blues legends including Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, Albert King, and Buddy Guy.

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