New Single Cashmere Released

Cashmere, the first of five singles written and produced by Harvey The Snake” Mandel in his comeback project, “I’m Back,” has officially been released. “The Snake” said the song is about a sexy lady in a cashmere coat guarded by a mean dog. Check out Cashmere here: Harvey started work on “I’m Back” in […]


Hello again! Here’s more good news… Harvey is at work on his comeback single. He says he’s glad to get back to what makes him happy – making music. Harvey began writing the music and by Saturday was satisfied with direction and committed to recording the rhythm tracks. Harvey hired a rhythm section in Chicago, […]

UPDATE: October 6

Harvey’s visit to the “finger” doctor was troubling. He can slightly move his finger up and down, but can’t bend it at all. He’s now in a new splint that lets him move his other fingers, but not the pinky. Harvey says his doctor is the top hand orthopedist specialist at UCSF and he’s back […]

UPDATE: September 20

Good report from the hand specialist Harvey is happy about his Monday appointment with the hand specialist doctor. After new x-rays and an exam, the doctor said that the bones in his pinky finger were healing, and was optimistic after Harvey was able to slightly move his finger. He said that Harvey might be able […]

UPDATE: August 30

In a word, Harvey says he is “miserable.” In our last August 8/17 I reported that while walking downstairs, Harvey fell off the last step and broke bones in his foot and left-hand pinky finger. Harvey blames his continually blurry eyes on the loss of his tear ducts in his last cancer surgery. He says […]

UPDATE: August 17

Harvey is still very weak His eyes are constantly blurry, and of course his nose, or lack thereof, continually give him trouble. So much so, that while walking downstairs yesterday evening, he fell (crashed) off the last step. Harvey knew he was hurt bad and headed to the ER. After x-rays and exam, the doctor […]

UPDATE: August 11

Harvey has been feeling a little better these last few days. First off, his latest MRI shows no new cancer seen, which is totally great news. And he’s no longer taking antibiotics, ending a seven-and-a-half-week ordeal with as he calls it “weird infection.” Harvey has a new dental surgery scheduled (ouch!) and is meeting with […]

UPDATE: July 28

Harvey’s MRI on Tuesday showed improvements The cancer is under control, and the infection that nearly killed him, is gone. So today his PICC will be removed from his chest and he can now start nasal reconstruction. Nasal reconstruction is a very complex surgery performed by an otolaryngologist in conjunction with a plastic surgeon. Recovery […]

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