Thank you all so much for the awesome feedback – Harvey will reply to each of you, now that he can see a bit better, but it’ll take a little while, he’s still in comeback mode, but getting better every day. Yea. In our last Harvey update 8/2102023 I mentioned that Harvey is working on […]


Hello all, I’m really happy to report that Harvey is doing much better! His last MRI shows continued improvement, and NO cancer. And Harvey says he does not have any more of the brain “weirdness” as well. He is happy that his next “face” doctor appointment is in September. Harvey says he is seeing better. […]

New Album Who’s Calling

Who’s Calling is an astonishing and fresh-sounding album from the 77-years-young guitarist, who beat long odds just to record itWho’s Calling is the 16th album under Harvey Mandel’s name as a leader, and his second for Tompkins Square following the 2016 acclaimed comeback, Snake Pit. Joined by guitarist and co-producer Ryan Jewell (Ryley Walker, Laraaji) […]

Harvey’s Medical Mess

Harvey Mandel needs our help He was a member of Canned Heat. He played with John Mayall. He played with The Rolling Stones. In fact, he almost became a Rolling Stone. He is Harvey “The Snake” Mandel. His career has spanned over 50 years, bridging the gap between the blues, jazz and rock with his […]

UPDATE: October 6

Harvey’s visit to the “finger” doctor was troubling. He can slightly move his finger up and down, but can’t bend it at all. He’s now in a new splint that lets him move his other fingers, but not the pinky. Harvey says his doctor is the top hand orthopedist specialist at UCSF and he’s back […]

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