Thank you all so much for the awesome feedback – Harvey will reply to each of you, now that he can see a bit better, but it’ll take a little while, he’s still in comeback mode, but getting better every day. Yea.

In our last Harvey update 8/2102023 I mentioned that Harvey is working on a new song chronicling his nearly fatal health issues and fighting back from the jaws of death on multiple occasions. Harvey’s long-time producer and former bass player Timm Martin, is tracking bass and drums this weekend in a studio in Chicago.  The Snake, well known for his virtuoso instrumental tracks is going to have vocals on this song where the lyrics will be reflective of his struggles fighting a disease that has touched almost everyone’s lives in one way or another.  Harvey will be finishing the tracks in his home studio and will be the first recording he has done in two years. 

Given all the medical expenses Harvey is still incurring, and still paying back, he’s hardly in position to finance the production. We figured we’d need a budget of about $3,300 and hope that you can help us raise the cash using our“Help Harvey MandelKick Cancer GoFundMe page. Here’s a list of what we need:

All in Producer (Production/Sound Engineering/Mixing); Songwriter; Vocalist; Session Musicians; Studio Time and Engineer for overdubs, Mastering; a limited run CD pressing (250 CDs pressed with two pocket eco packaging); Album art design; and Digital distribution.

Harvey is hoping this song will be the start of a new record – his comeback recording. He’s told me he has most of it in his head. He’s had a few years to dream it up, and now he can actually start work and get back to doing what he loves most: playing guitar.


I’m hoping you will be comfortable with increasing our GoFundMe goal, adding the $3,300 to make the new goal $38,300. Reply here and let me know, it’ll be good to hear from you!

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