“Did you ever cross paths with Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix? “

In Josh Rosenthal’s  3/11 2015 interview with Harvey Mandel, he asked: “Did you ever cross paths with Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix? “

Harvey answered: “Yup. Not Jim Morrison. I never really crossed paths with him. But Hendrix, when I did my first record, “Cristo Redentor” we went to New York at Electric Ladyland and Abe Kech, a famous producer, and we mixed and mastered the record there with Eddie Kramer who was Jimi Hendrix’s main engineer back then. That was right when Hendrix’s album, first album came out. It was a little bit before I did my “Cristo Redentor”. We were in the studio one day and we were mixing. Who walks in? Jimi, with a couple of tapes under his arm of one of his new records back at that time. He came in. We smoked a bunch of joints. He played us the songs. We hung out and had a good time. He was really a cool guy. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I got to play with him. I did get to jam with his other guys, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding. When I lived in L.A. there was a club where all the famous guys would come in and jam all the time. So, one night I did jam with those two guys. But, me and Jimi hung out for awhile. He knew who I was and of course I knew who he was. He was like the God for guitar players back then. (laughs) So, I was thrilled that he came in and we got to hang out for a while.”

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